Dr. Alex Touchstone

Practicing Dentist

“I feel that in order to effectively teach others, it is important for me to prove the efficacy of techniques during daily patient care in my office. With that goal in mind, I balance my time between practicing, working in my in-house lab and lecturing.”

Dr. Touchstone continuously develops and perfects digital dental processes at his dental office in Hattiesburg. His talent and passion for excellence are reflected in every treatment process, uniquely designed to suit each patient’s needs. This day-to-day experience allows him to teach and inspire other dentists from a place of authenticity.

Technology Philosophy

Digital Dental Visionary

“Two decades ago, Lee Culp and I were the first dentist-lab team to produce a digital restoration via email without the use of a physical model. It was an exciting moment when the restoration fit perfectly. Today that process is mainstream. I still derive great pleasure out of proving new concepts in digital dentistry.”

Dr. Touchstone has lectured in 9 countries to audiences as large as 1000 attendees. Over the past two decades, he has also taught thousands of dentists and their teams integration of dental technologies in small group settings. His depth of knowledge coupled with a desire to help others succeed makes him a highly sought after presenter.

Excerpt from Chicago Mid-Winter Live Patient Demonstration

Other Recent Lectures and Events

Montreal Small Group Teaching
Greater New York Live Dentistry Presentation


Dr. Alex Touchstone has 25 years of experience in the clinical application of digital dentistry in his dental practice. He holds two US patents in the area of shade control for translucent dental restorations. Over the past 28 years, he has had the privilege of teaching thousands of dentists how to grow their practices through proper integration of carefully selected technologies.  Alex also serves on the Clinical Advisory Board for Natural Dental Implants, AG  and he is the founder of the online education portal, LearnDigitalDentistry.com, created for the benefit of dentists and team members who are driven to excellence in the digital restorative community.  In addition to having a passion for dentistry, Alex is an instrument rated pilot with over 2000 hours of flight time. 

Notable Accomplishments

  • Numerous peer-reviewed publications (complete list available upon request)
  • Past President, Academy of Computerized Dentistry of North America
  • Former Clinical Director, Sirona Dental Academy
  • Current Clinical Advisory Board, Natural Dental Implants, A.G
  • Founder, LearnDigitalDentistry.com
  • Author, Method and Apparatus for Selecting Non-Opacious Dental Materials United States Patent 7,623,942. November 24, 2009
  • Author, US Patent Application # 7,871,268. January 24th, 2011
  • Instrument Rated Pilot with 2000 hrs Flight Time


Dreams Fulfilled

“From an early age, I’ve had a recurring dream that I could fly. To this day, when I have that dream, I wake up full of joy. In a sense, I also live out that dream during waking hours through piloting my plane to lectures and to travel destinations with my family.”

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