100-Days to Clinical FITness with Planmeca FIT CAD/CAM Crown-Lay Restoration Design

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In this lesson on Design, you’ll view a sample crown-lay restoration from start to finish. Learn the most efficient ways to design with the goal of spending less than 5 minutes during the design phase.

You’ll learn how to

  • evaluate your scan data
  • remove artifact data
  • complete automatic and manual alignment
  • find the margins for both gingival and subgingival
  • adjust occlusal contacts

Next Steps

1) Download and install the practice case files. Refer to the video tutorial to learn how to upload a case file.

2) Practice designing example cases from the “Practice Case Files”, time yourself with the goal of designing a crown in 5 minutes.

3) Take a photo of a good design and share it on the forum for discussion.

Advanced Videos

All general design videos

All anterior design videos


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