• Smile Design by Planmeca Romexis┬«

    Hours: -420166:-54 Average rating: (4/5)

    Planmeca Romexis Smile Design is a powerful tool for marketing, patient education and communication. The software actively involves patients in the designing process and allows them to see the full potential of their smiles beforehand. Foreseeable results help to build trust and decrease uncertainty, as patients can rest assured that the outcome of the treatment […]

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  • A Planmeca Integration Story

    Hours: 00:10

    In this is a series of short vignettes, Dr. Alex Touchstone shares his Planmeca integration story and how he and his team managed to grow his practice 48% over the last year. Learn how they chose technology that allowed to deliver better treatment outcomes and more production.

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  • Marketing your High Tech Practice

    Hours: 01:09 Average rating: (5/5)

    Find out how to use dental internet marketing to your advantage with this FREE course designed specifically for CAD/CAM dentists.

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  • 100-Days to Clinical FITness with Planmeca FIT CAD/CAM

    Hours: 03:17 Average rating: (5/5)

    Start your practice off right with this in-depth course that will take you through the first 100 days of integrating your Planmeca FIT system into your dental practice. Learn the best techniques to efficiently scan, prep, mill and bond your restorations while maintaining clinical excellence in your practice.

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  • Save time by maximizing your efficiency

    Hours: 00:53 Average rating: (4/5)

    The goal of this course is simply to give you tools that will reduce the procedural time for E4D restorations by at least 30 minutes, WITHOUT compromising the outcome.

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  • Live patient demonstration of an IPS e.Max crown

    Hours: 01:46

    These vignettes are a recap of the live patient theater demonstration of CADCAM technology at the 149th Annual Chicago Midwinter Meeting, February 2014. The presentation audience was comprised of approximately 300 dentists, team members and others who are interested in learning what CADCAM can do for their practices. The procedure was that of an IPS e.Max crown on tooth 30 using the newest Planmeca Plan Scan and Plan Mill instruments.

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  • Prepare and convey a digital restorative procedure for a laboratory

    Hours: 01:48

    This course covers the basics needed to prepare and convey a digital restorative procedure for a laboratory: tooth preparation, isolation methods, margination, both digital and physical retraction, and export of digital .STL files to the lab.

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