Getting “FIT” with Planmeca CAD/CAM

This forum is here to help offices who are going through their first 100 days of integration with Planmeca CAD/CAM. New members are encouraged to post clinical questions and ask for help!

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  • sue shoha made the first post
    Pt had large amalgam and fractured the disto lingual cusp on 19. I did an onlay prep preserving the buccal and mesial unaffected tooth structure.  Onlay was cemented and a month later, when patient returned I was horrified to see darkness on the mesial of the tooth, not at the margin but from within. The…
    Michael Martin
    Michael Martin made the last post
    Wally,   I used Optibond Fl for years (IDS) and wanted to like XTR but it was too smelly. (I get dizzy after 2 beers) We had a $200 Danville Prep-Start for the occasional 'no drill' sealants, but it wasnt until we plumbed the restorative ops with $2200 Prepstart units, that it made air-abrasion doable…
    Yen Lu
    Yen Lu made the first post
    Just wondering how all the new users of the Planmeca Fit doing?   I know the biggest struggle is scanning and capturing the interproximals...   A couple of things to try to get over this confidence curve.   Use the pedo tip and tip it or fishtale the scanner to capture interproximals, mesial and distal.…
    Mike Kelliher
    Mike Kelliher made the last post
    Agree completely on using the smaller portrait tip, in fact that's the tip I'll use for almost all my cases, much easier to navigate.  A couple of other tips for getting proximals.  For the mesial proximal contact I'm almost always able to set the scanner on the occlusal of the prep and then raise the…
Viewing 2 topics - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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