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Interested in integrating cone beam into your patient care workflow?  Learn how here.

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  • Alex Touchstone
    Alex Touchstone made the first post
    Mike Kelliher
    Mike Kelliher made the last post
    So the question is how did you handle the loose crown?  Amazing how the implant was stable for that long, but not so sure I'd want to touch it, might get blamed when/if it were to fail.  Of course great to have the cone beam image to document the problem and great way to show…
    Dr. Damon Jenkins made the first post
    Anyone purchase the ProMax Mid? If so what was the average cost? Also, anyone have the ProFace feature how do you like it and what is the additional cost?
    Dr. Damon Jenkins made the last post
    Yes, I do planning on  using 4D. Actually, I did close on the ProMax Mid just try to find out what the cost is for proface. I use the CADIAX now. But, I think Jaw Motion 4D will be easier
    Mike Kelliher
    Mike Kelliher made the first post
    So I'm still getting my feet wet with CBCT but it can be a very helpful piece of technology.  Recent case, saw something odd on a BWX:   Looks odd, supernumerary tooth?  Take a PA, a little more info: Yep, extra tooth, but where?  Took a small field (5x5) scan of the lower arch only…
    David Edelson made the last post
    David Edelson made the first post
    Can anyone fill me in on where Planmeca/Romexis/e4d/Planscan is in regard to surgical guide fabrication? Currently a Planmeca CBCT owner 8x8 FOV and Omnicam owner. No integration yet but rumor new 4.5 software will allow stl export to Romexis. Currently looking at new Emerald scanner soon to incorporate into practice and integrate with my CBCT.…
    Mike Kelliher
    Mike Kelliher made the last post
    You can design guides in version 4.5.  Not sure how "open" sirona is really going to make their platform, you may not be able to export the .stl of a designed crown as you'd want to for an implant plan is what I'm hearing.  You can put a library tooth into the plan through romexis…
Viewing 4 topics - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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