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  • Graeme Milicich
    Graeme Milicich made the first post
    One of the conundrums we face when designing our preps is "which cusps can I save and what one have to be overlaid?"   I am making an assumption that no one is cutting full crown preps any more :o If you are, please quit! Adhesive ceramics work, you don't need a ferrule for retention.…
    jumbojeffs made the last post
    Great post.  A technical question about design.  When you have so little cusp left, is it better to design in "onlay" or "crown" mode in  E4D  design?
    Amuri made the first post
    I wanted to ask a question if anybody of you guys is using the SKYN Concept?    I share the article on my dropbox here -->   In a nutshell the concept is -> Prep teeth > take impression of existing "beautiful" anterior teeth (google Anteriores templates) > make thin like composite shells…
    rockpharma made the last post
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    Gary Goodman
    Gary Goodman made the first post
    I received an email advertisement from Planmeca that included a workflow for screw retained implant crown design.  I asked my Planmeca rep about it and he was totally unaware.   Does anyone have any information about this??
    David Edelson made the last post
    Cheers to that!  
    at0513 made the first post
    Hi all proficient users of the system, I have used the system for nearly a year now with mostly good success with crowns. However, I always seem to have the same issue where if I mark the margin on where the preparation margin ends, I end up with an under ledge at that margin. It…
    Yen Lu
    Yen Lu made the last post
    Just dropper the margin and smooth it if needed to make it seamless.
    Shanalee made the first post
    Dr. and I have been throwing around the idea of designing a Maryland type bridge. Based on the picture attached, can anyone tell me if A) This is possible to mill, and B) what material would be best. Thanks for the input! Shana
    Mike Kelliher
    Mike Kelliher made the last post
    Yes you can mill these types of Maryland style bridges.  Emax would be the material for sure, bondable and strong.  You may want to consider a single wing retainer and I'd make it bigger that what you have designed.  Debonds on these are thought to occur more with two wings as the teeth flex in…
    Christopher Ching
    Christopher Ching made the first post
    A patient had an RCT and I scanned the tooth pre-op.  I then copied it for the design and built up the occlusal where the access was located.  I thought that this would save me time but I ended up having to adjust the crown quite a bit to get the bite right.  The access…
    FJReckDMD63 made the last post
    Follow up question for Mike Kelliher....I'm having some difficulty when trying to select/link teeth for a 2 wing bridge in the set up page...I can usually only get 2 of the 3 teeth linked in reddish-pink....All three teeth show up in the margin tab and design tab, but one of the teeth isn't linked in…
    KirK made the first post
    Hi folks, Today I want to share how do I prepare for the SKYN concept with Romexis Smile Design. This patient came to me from another city for 1 day. We made some photos for RSD and intraoral scan as well. The further communication were distant via the email. For the first the overall concept of the…
    KirK made the last post
    RSD= Romexis Smile Design SKYN is the concept of digital workflow by Paulo Kano and Livio Yoshinaga, you could  find more in YouTube. For a moment there's no Hajto's templates in RSD. Maybe someday, I don't know.
    Christopher Ching
    Christopher Ching made the first post
    I've had the unit since Feb 2016.  I have noticed that there are times I get great proposals from Autogenesis and other times, I get poor designs.   When talking to a colleague, he said that orientation is key.   How are you setting up your orientation to get the best proposal?  How often are…
    Mike Kelliher
    Mike Kelliher made the last post
    I'll almost always use library A. A couple of things I see in your example: Yes a little hand characterization would help. Accentuate the grooves a bit, round over the occlusal-axial all the way around the restoration. And a little secondary anatomy on the facial all help, kind of my standard deal for all crowns.…
    CadCam4Life made the first post
    I have been having difficulty finding the perfect seat for some of my restorations.  I believe this is due to poor retention.   I know that some of our preps will have less inherent retention than others.  Does anyone routinely change the "die spacer" setting depending on the inherent retention of the prep?
    Mike Kelliher
    Mike Kelliher made the last post
    I have also been using .06 die spacer for most of my crowns,( always verifying with mill sim). That along with selective etching has reduced my debonding .   Good to hear.  I would though suggest ditching the selective etch.  It's darn near impossible to not end up with etch on dentin anyway, better to…
    jekaro made the first post
    I am restoring teeth #7- #10 with emax crowns. . How do you orient the patient's maxillary arch correctly using E4D design software without having the use of mounted models and a facebow transfer?   I would assume that one would have to have a diagnostic mounted casts utilizing a facebow or a sagittal/frontal reference guide with a centric bite. Then…
    Mike Kelliher
    Mike Kelliher made the last post
    Welcome to the site!!   For anterior cosmetic cases I will do models and have the lab do a wax up.  Then you're right, scan that in as a pre-op and use clone to transfer the design to the preps.  Clone does a really good job.  You will need to do some manual design especially…
    champagnenevo made the first post
    Hello!   We will be designing opposing restorations today. My plan of attack included scanning PRE-OP and opposing in separate cases, then using Lib A for design proposal. I will then use my pre-op scans to refer to my occlusal anatomy to keep bite accurate... Is this making sense? I do not want to use…
    Mike Kelliher
    Mike Kelliher made the last post
    Got it.  Yeah if you have to mark the margins and ditch that's an issue.  You may just have to set it up as 2 cases like you said.  Lab could then probably just grab the ditched .STL's and one of the buccal bites and pull that into their software.  I'm sure this is being…
    Amuri made the first post
    As the title suggests I want to list some ideas to make the CAD/CAM path better and give feedback to the programmers and manufacture. Maybe some of you also have good ideas.   1. Option to position the restoration individually and/or to reuse blocks.   I've contacted people at Planmeca but they told me they…
    Amuri made the last post
    Dear Franz,   It is already listed in point 2c :)   Best regards!
    Christopher Ching
    Christopher Ching made the first post
    15 yrs old female referred to me via a Pediatric Dentist.  I am unsure how to best prep for this case. Would you remove all or part of the composite buildup?   Should I smooth the existing fracture to allow a good scan or prep more?   Would you do cuspal protection of the buccal…
    Mike Kelliher
    Mike Kelliher made the last post
    I'd agree, take out the old resin, that last photo looks like maybe something creeping under the restoration.  Plus a single bonded interface is preferable.  Be careful though that looks REALLY close to the pulp.  Might want to test for vitality if you haven't yet.
    Wally Renne
    Wally Renne made the first post
    What are you finding are the perfect settings, so you do not have to adjust anything? I like the following: Black occlusal contact Blue proximal contact for glaze: Blue with teal mix for hand polished restorations: And for cement gap, I leave it default and do a Mill sim in quality mode: If I see…
    michalandrewjohn made the last post
    Dentistry as we know it is undergoing some exciting changes that will increase efficiency, reduce pollution and promote greater dentist-patient interaction. From remineralization to 3D printed antimicrobial teeth,there are many cutting edge dental innovations on the horizon, Dr. Mark Walker.
    g p croxford made the first post
    as a new membercould I possibly ask the forum for thoughts, advice on1/ can one raise subgingival margins to make all margins supra gingival ??? and if so what materials are acceptable2/ what guidelines/indications control a horizontal crownthanking you for your timegraham
    Michael Martin
    Michael Martin made the last post
    Another perspective- If you need to elevate a deep margin it is a compromise-  it an alternative to crown lengthening, an extraction, leaving decay, or placing a restoration placed deep in the tissues where isolation and control are difficult.     Our service to our patients is to help them navigate the most acceptable compromise…
    Richard Young made the first post
    Hi there. I am doing a simple implant bridge on a lower incisor and then doing a cantilever pontic of it (42 and 41). I have the old style cart but I have the link and unlink option to support bridges. When I try to mill there is nothing showing to mill. What should I…
    Mike Kelliher
    Mike Kelliher made the last post
    Yep that"s the issue.  Software won't allow cantilevers so what you need to do is fake it out by creating a second "abutment" which can be a really small wing you can grind off easily after you mill the restoration.  In the setup make that wing a veneer so it'll mill thin.   Now for…
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