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  • Alex Touchstone
    Alex Touchstone made the first post
    If you are curious as to what the Romexis CAD integration will do, watch this video...scan past the parts that do not interest you, but be SURE to watch to the end!   :) 
    Charles Regalado
    Charles Regalado made the last post
    Cliff Leachman made the first post
    Here is a case I finished recently using Advanced Platelet Rich Fibrin as my sole material for Socket Preservation. In this case the patient is on Coumadin and his chief concern is bleeding to death after the extractions. He was referred by the denturist who will be placing a lower cast chrome partial to replace…
    Cliff Leachman made the last post
    Here is the world schedule for A-PRF, you could also take the CGF course or Miller's L-PRF course but ignore the speeds, temperature and time according to Miller.   [attachment=284:A-PRF schedule.jpg]
    Cliff Leachman made the first post
    Patient came in a few months ago requiring the extraction of lower right molar because of cracked root. Patient didn't want implant, was considering a partial. Convinced her to do sAdvanced Platelet Rich Fibrin (A-PRF) and β tricalcium phosphate Socket preservation to help healing and arch contour. [attachment=186:1 Pre- Op Radiograph.jpg][attachment=187:2 Radiograph immediately after socket…
    elizabethdarden made the last post
    Hi, i am  Elizabeth Darden   Thanks for post your thought. The extraction of lower right molar because of cracked root,  you done great job. A dental implant is a titanium implant post anchored into the jawbone as replacement for a missing natural tooth root and into which an artificial tooth is attached, i think so. Thank…
    Trevor Morhaliek
    Trevor Morhaliek made the first post
    Over the last several months, i've noticed that anterior milling times are excessively long, upwards of almost 30 minutes for a standard crown or veneer!  Also, noticed strange swirl/overmill issues on the surface where the sprew is placed..  or, the restoration will break off the sprue..  Is there a more ideal sprew position than what…
    Mike Kelliher
    Mike Kelliher made the last post
    Anteriors tend to take longer, 20 minutes plus isn't unusual depending on the size of the restoration.  Does sound like the sprue position might be the culprit with that milling issue.  I'd have SOS remote in and look at the case, maybe get some photos of the restoration next time it happens.
    puritydental made the first post
    Hi all, I'm from down under, Australia, and bought a demo PlanmecaFit from Henry Schein Halas - it was a brand new system delivered in 2016. Signed the contract just before Christmas in December last year, but took delivery in January. It's been a nightmare with the delivery. The original miller unit was arrived from interstate damage,…
    Mike Kelliher
    Mike Kelliher made the last post
    Perfect, You're all up to date (actually I think I may still be on Romexis 4.4).  Hopefully the video is helpful.  Any questions don't hesitate to ask!
    David Edelson made the first post
    Anybody's thoughts on what's on the horizon? Schein sells Cerec worldwide. Interesting times for sure.
    Michael Martin
    Michael Martin made the first post
    I've always been a little confused at to why E4D chooses not to work with passwords on the workstations.  Passwords are the most basic unit of network security and HIPPA mandates that PHI is protected.  If someone were to steal one of my laptops, I would be required by law to inform patients that their…
    Michael Martin
    Michael Martin made the last post
    Thanks for the help.  I was under the impression that adding a password to my laptop would 'break' the communication with the mill and job server... I'll call SOS for some advice.
    Amuri made the first post
    Since Wally makes such great videos, I decided to make one of my own, just showing some digital projects! Hope you guys like it :)
    Amuri made the last post
    PlanCAD Easy, Meshmixer, DDS Pro, ExoCAD, 3shape!
    Jean Fraser
    Jean Fraser made the first post
    Tell us what you think... Participate in our members survey to win a free one-year membership! Share your thoughts on this thread or email Alex directly at   Here’s some questions to get you started… feel free to answer all or one. We're looking forward to hearing your thoughts on digital dentistry.  Do you or your staff have problems with a particular area of digital dentistry?  Are you more interested in…
    FJReckDMD63 made the first post
    Greetings fellow Planscanners!  Newbie to the ways of scanning, designing, and milling here, but loving every minute of it! Our practice did training in Richardson, TX last month, and we just had our Integration Day this past Tuesday....   Our 4 cases went extremely well, can't believe how these things fit so well!  It is…
    FJReckDMD63 made the last post
    Welcome!  I hope you find this forum a great resource for help when you need it.   Thanks as well for your encouragement...The videos here have been both helpful and enlightening....I want to absorb as much as possible as quickly as I can to use this great technology to the fullest!   Thanks again!  …
    Alejandro made the first post
    So I got this literature from 3M today with photos of two class I restored teeth, and it made me question my current treatment planning process.  The photo has teeth #30 and #31 with large older amalgams being replaced with filtek composite.  My issue was on tooth #31 it looks like a large fracture is…
    Graeme Milicich
    Graeme Milicich made the last post
    31 has a vertical mesio-distal fracture. It is heading straight towards the pulp, it is only a matter of time before it gets there. So the goal is to stop crack propagation. I would place Ribbond across the floor and then an e.max onlay to completely lock up the compression dome to prevent further crack…
    Alejandro made the first post
    So I got this literature from 3M today with photos of two class I restored teeth, and it made me question my current treatment planning process.  The photo has teeth #30 and #31 with large older amalgams being replaced with filtek composite.  My issue was on tooth #31 it looks like a large fracture is…
    jdunwell made the first post
    Hi Everyone, Ok, so I'm at an impasse. I would like to be able to complete some single visit endo, core, crown procedures (I think it is AMAZING to be able to do that for our patients, by the way...TRIFECTA!) but I've heard somewhat conflicting opinions on the subject, even on these forums. So, what…
    markrjake made the last post
    Dutton Dentistry, the clinic where Dr. Mark Walker practices, also uses digital software for X-rays to cut down on paper and film waste. “By using digital X-rays, we have eliminated chemical development of film,” dentist Mark Walker pointed out, Mark Walker dentist. “Those chemicals used to be dumped into sewage as well.”
    Bachar Saba
    Bachar Saba made the first post
    hi all it has been a while since I posted , hope all are doing well I was faced with this case this morning. #18 crown-lay ( e max) , done 2 month ago bonded with resin cement  and self etch bonding agent,  fit was good, pt came in today with the restoration debonded, all…
    markrjake made the last post
    Not only is the growing movement towards green sustainable business practices good for the environment it is good for the business’ bottom line. Making your office green is beneficial to you, your patients, and the earth, Dr. Mark Walker.
    Don Murry made the first post
    Just got back from training in Dallas. Did my first scan, design and deliver yesterday. The one thing they didn't tell you in sales pitches or training, this is ADDICTING! Can't wait to really get going. Excited to bounce ideas and cases off you guys moving forward
    angelytanish made the last post
    a nutritionist told me that whey helps with mental illness and he was correct whey helps with my mental illness, Mark Walker dentist. i drink my whey shake with milk and whey comes in chocolate vanilla and strawberry pharmeceutical companies should produce whey based medications for the mentally ill.
    Alex Touchstone
    Alex Touchstone made the first post
    Hi All,   I am teaching a course in Chicago today and a participant, Dr. Satish, is curious to know what implant system works best with scan bodies and the digital workflwow in general...your input is appreciated.   Alex
    jessicasmicheal made the last post
    When I’m in the county and people ask me, Dr Mark Walker what do you think of the submarine debacle, I tell them, I support proudly holding on to a piece of Canadian history and displaying it in our community, Dr. Mark Walker.
    CadCam4Life made the first post
    My assistant just brought me the Schein catalog.  She likes the idea of a cover that goes over the wand.   Product #  631-4114   She states that this will help protect the mirror and improve infection control. Has anyone tried this product?  Is it worth the investment?   Thanks  
    jessicasmicheal made the last post
    However, I think Ottawa and the federal government has forgotten about small communities that make Canada a great country, Mark Walker dentist. I have little doubt that if the submarine had ended up in Ottawa or downtown Toronto, the federal government would have helped pay the transportation costs.
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