PlanMill 40 Milling unit maintenance

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  • David Edelson made the first post
    Anybody have any experience with the new 40s mill? Benefits vs. previous model? Rumored to mill pucks?
    David Edelson made the last post
    Quick question? Was milling a three unit Telio provisional this morning for an immediate extraction case fractured tooth #3. Bur snapped and distal abutment #2 did not completely mill. Worked out as I just hollowed out both abutments, #4 was fine though, and relined it with Luxatemp. My understanding and correct me if I'm wrong…
    Richard Young made the first post
    I have just got in my first quantity of GC Cerasmart to try. I still have the cart system which my understanding has no more software updates available. Am I able to mill the ceramart on the same settings as the lava ultimate? I assume that I will still need to use the defoamer solution…
    ericdnt made the last post
    I Agree Mr. Mike
    Shanalee made the first post
    Dr. and I have been throwing around the idea of designing a Maryland type bridge. Based on the picture attached, can anyone tell me if A) This is possible to mill, and B) what material would be best. Thanks for the input!
    Mike Kelliher
    Mike Kelliher made the last post
    No have to be a premium member to see that even when I embed it here.  Sorry.
    cadcam4 made the first post
    Why I have this  error when I click in mill option in the design center?    An expected error has ocurred:  Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object"      And then ask restart  the design center And only is the problem with a file patient. I try with other  files and…
    jekaro made the first post
    What does the term"walking bur" mean? This occurred and as a result the restoration was incompletely milled. An error message occurred stating bur is loose in collet and collet needs to be cleaned.
    Mike Kelliher
    Mike Kelliher made the last post
    Yes that's what a walking bur means, collet looses it's grip and the bur moves out of position.  Servicing the collets will usually fix the issue.  Sometimes the collets wear out and need to be replaced which isn't a big deal.  Best advice, be sure whoever is doing the mill maintenance is doing it correctly…
    Richard Young made the first post
    Help! I am having an issue that SOS support does not seem to be able to help me with. I am getting the communication error (ie. check network and that job server is on etc.) when I attempt to send a crown to the mill. Also when I turn on my mill I get the…
    Yen Lu
    Yen Lu made the last post
    Welcome Laz !
    jekaro made the first post
    Why does the mill have an error message at the start of milling a restoration? UNABLE TO DETECT BLOCK DATA The block is inserted correctly. Thiis is happening more frequently in the last month.  This seems to be happening at random. After the error message appears the mill jobs stops and I will start the…
    Wally Renne
    Wally Renne made the last post
    never had that one happen yet! 
    FJReckDMD63 made the first post
    Hi Folks,   The first week after our Integration day, we have had 3 broken bats (burs) in the right side collet... Everything has been going fine, was milling a Telio Block 2 wing temp Maryland bridge, and whammo!   Right side broken tool....Didn't have a replacement available to load in, so I had to…
    FJReckDMD63 made the last post
    make sure you are running a mill simulation and checking for a good mill. A lot of this is based on orientation especially for bridges. I mill a bunch bunch of very large Telio cases for large implant cases. It is hard on the mills because the acrylic gums up the burs. But the mills… made the first post
    I have one of the old 40k mills. I've been trying transition from our old way of design and mill after the pt left with delivery 1 to 2 days out. I've started timing the same day crowns we're doing more and more of, and find the mill time is killing me. I just did…
    Yen Lu
    Yen Lu made the last post
    We have the original mill 7 years old. Nothing can be done, no updates available. I agree it takes 5 minutes to generate a mill path. Restorations anywhere from 12-18 minutes not including the 5 minutes to generate mill path. Argh too slow but is it worth it to spend the money for a new…
    Alex Touchstone
    Alex Touchstone made the first post
    I hope the title of this thread got your attention, because what I am about to show you will most probably save you frustration, time and money!  I am in the middle a bridge case with two "bridges" (actually splinted crowns) 22-24 and 25-28.  After 20 minutes or so milling 22-24, the elliptical bur breaks!…
    Alex Touchstone
    Alex Touchstone made the last post
    Hi,   Yes, re-set the Orientation (I called it path of insertion, sorry) for the unit that is attached to the sprue just before milling and set it such that all retainers will draw from their preps as if you were surveying the preps to avoid any undercuts in that orientation (or path of insertion).…
    Richard Young made the first post
    Please could anyone help me?. I am about to mill a crown but I can't tighten the block into the cam slot. It is going in normally but just won't tighten.
    Michael Flores
    Michael Flores made the last post
    If I'm reading your post correctly, I have had something similar happen before. We have very hard water here in Las Vegas, and I have noticed a calcium buildup where we tighten the hex to load the block. One day I couldn't do that and so I took the steel wire brush and cleaned some…
    Jonathan Bauter made the first post
    Has any one had this problem. Tech support hasn't been very helpful. We have had 3-4 crowns do this (see photo). Our mill will re-calibrated and then it has happen twice this week.   Thanks for your thoughts.   Jono Bauter
    Mike Kelliher
    Mike Kelliher made the last post
    Jono,   You don't set it, it was a software update a year or so ago.  So if your mill software is current and you have one of the newer mills (gray plastic trim or planmill) then you should be milling emax on the "fast" cycle.
    Alex Touchstone
    Alex Touchstone made the first post
    Today, Microsoft ended support of Windows XP...leaving any machine that is running XP AND connected to the internet vulnerable to viruses / hackers, etc.  I'm not too concerned, but it would be nice to see an "official" statement from E4D / Planmeca...Gary are you listening?   Alex
    Dr. Damon Jenkins made the last post
    let's switch to mac for everything already YES YES YES!!! I AM A MAC   :D
    Yacman made the first post
    Light coating of Rainex helps keep the window clear ....allows patients to watch THEIR crown being milled!
    jfieldhousedds made the last post
    Raines is a coating that sticks to the windshield and does not come off easily, so don't worry I have tried it but the spraystill messes the view
    Dawn Wiedow made the first post
    Do you find it frustrating,...I have had mill problems,.. frequent service calls,.Mill down, more than working,. and it always seems to go down when the pt is waiting,. Argh,.... is this the normal?
    Brittney Gilmore
    Brittney Gilmore made the last post
    We have had many issues with out mill and scanning cart in these past few months than we ever had. Always calling tech support. Dr. is getting to the point he wants to return it. We have been sending crowns to the lab. i understand the frustration! 
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