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  • Mike Kelliher
    Mike Kelliher made the first post
    Version 6.0 is just about to be released, some pretty cool features.  We'll have more soon, but a few things to look forward to: Mirror clone an anterior!!! DASH for everyone, double the speed of your Planscan Swap model from one location to another (if you goof and scan say upper into lower) Improved active…
    FJReckDMD63 made the last post
    Will the updates be usable with the scannner before the Emerald scanner? We are still using the original scanner that came with our system in 2015. The updates look great, we are booked for update this coming Friday ! Franz in NJ
    Mike Kelliher
    Mike Kelliher made the first post
    Version 5.85 is being released, some very nice additions. 1. Vastly improved color 2.  Active filtering, which is basically a way to automatically remove errant areas of soft tissue scan (cheeks, lips etc) just by going back over the area again. 3. Bite refinement, by hitting the A button while looking at the bite alignment…
    Mike Kelliher
    Mike Kelliher made the last post
    I had a color tip that went bad and behaved similarly, colors all messed up.  One other thing to try is cleaning the contacts on the tip.  Use a pencil eraser on the metal contacts, that will clean the crud off in case maybe the contacts are somehow fouled up.
    Amuri made the first post
    Anyone know of when the new update will be coming? According to the roadmap I was given it was supposed to be in January 2016, or probably they meant Q1, which is over soon either way? I was looking forward especially to the "Mill my STL" Software since the "send2mill" which is more like a…
    Alex_GR made the last post
    Dear ModernDentalSmiles, I just read this thread today. The ability to mill emax abutments/crowns for Ti-Bases already exists in the Planmeca realm in the PlanCAD Premium software, which is a clone of ExoCAD. I love this tool and for me it was the turning point to decide for the system. It works quite smooth if…
    Toothjumper made the first post
    I just got updated to 5.8 on Tuesday the 24th and was getting ready to design my first case yesterday.  It was for #31 and I was going to use a Pre-op for my design.   Apparently there is a known glitch in the software that will not let you use the pre-op with a…
    Brenna Hamrick-stotts made the last post
    Agree, emails would be nice on known issues.. We experienced this same problem but SOS didn't acknowledge that it was a known issue. Thanks, Jed
    Shanalee made the first post
    Is there any possible way, in future software updates, to make it so that while in the Mill tab you can see how much time it would take to mill? You could move the sprue, change from standard to detailed, and it would change the time accordingly?!   Just a thought!  :)
    Dr. Damon Jenkins made the last post
    We use to be able to check the mill time from the software. Only during milling not before. It would be nice though.
    Mike Kelliher
    Mike Kelliher made the first post
    Version 5.8 is out for download.  Lots of cool new stuff in this version.  Some highlights:      Re-organized the materials selection, the new material (Vita and GC) are now in the list      You now select a material translucency at setup      Buccal bite has been revamped, includes a heat map indicator…
    drgary made the last post
    Hey All, this is Gary with E4D and yes I certainly understand the frustration when something new is announced and then you can't get it for a while.  This is a pretty significant upgrade - not only in some of the features, but also the materials selection.  This requires some personal effort on the part…
    FJReckDMD63 made the first post
    Hi Folks,   Like the title says, our Romexis laptop continually prompts and tries to auto-upgrade to Windows 10...   Is this a good thing to let it do, or should I call SOS?  I've heard some horror stories about upgrading to Windows 10.   Thanks for any ideas!   Franz in NJ
    Alex Touchstone
    Alex Touchstone made the last post
    Alex Touchstone
    Alex Touchstone made the first post
    [attachment=899:central_2.jpg]   A patient was seen over a period of the last three years at another dentist.  She complained repeatedly of pain associated with her "upper front tooth".  No solution was offered.  She presented to my office for a second opinion.  It did not take a CBCT to diagnose the large apical abscess seen above…
    Shane Blake made the last post
    Most of the courses I took at the PODD conference were related to Romexis integration and CBCT.  It certainly opened my eyes to what traditional 2D radiography is missing. It moved me enough that I spent the morning talking to the Planmeca rep so I can get some quotes on a couple of the different…
    Gary Goodman
    Gary Goodman made the first post
    We've had 5.6 for a few weeks and everything was great. The last 2 crowns we did appeared very thin occlusal ly in the design, so we added thickness, anticipating adjusting the opposing tooth. (Occlusal reduction of preps appeared more than adequate ). When we inserted these crowns, they were actually out of occlusion. Called…
    Wally Renne
    Wally Renne made the last post
    Sounds like an awesome update!
    roberta tibbles made the first post
    Where did ICE got with 5.6?  I usually pack a cord of contrasting color but with 5.6 there is almost no contrast difference between the tooth, the gingiva or the cord.  Makes the margin much more difficult to determine and in a business where microns count, the contrast is important.
    mennito made the last post
    I've noticed this as well Roberta.  There are instances when I cannot see the differentiation in ICE.  I've gotten in the habit of making the adjustments to contrast in the scan tab but even then, I can think of a case or two where it wasn't discernible in ICE no matter what I changed.  This…
    Michael Martin
    Michael Martin made the first post
    Windows 8 has been an incredibly weak product for Microsoft and Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for a limited time...  Does anyone know what Planmeca has planned for the future?   Thanks,   Michael  
    Mike Kelliher
    Mike Kelliher made the last post
    I've heard the same thing. Makes sense romexis is OS neutral and I know when planmeca was selling Nuevo under license they were putting romexis with design center on macs. Plus Gary's a huge Mac guy!
    Mike Kelliher
    Mike Kelliher made the first post
    Nice update being released today, focused on scanning improvements.  I've had the beta for a bit now, really like the changes. The highlights: No more risk of overscanning, essentially the scan lock feature has been built in, software will only add to areas with low data so you can hover over areas like contacts without…
    Wally Renne
    Wally Renne made the last post
    full arch scanning is faster!
    Alex Touchstone
    Alex Touchstone made the first post
    Here's a video on how to import and export your scanning files with Romexis:
    Amuri made the last post
    Thanks I called them, they fix'd it, the problem was a memory allocation issue, he tried for like 20min and couldn't figure out then a technician came and logged into admin mode, with sysadmin login, and changed the memory number within romexis to 5000. After that it was possible to save the files, and consequently…
    Crystal Spinks CDD
    Crystal Spinks CDD made the first post
    ~Does anyone know how to add Multiple practitioners to DDX and Romexis?  Thanks  would be a great help!
    Yen Lu
    Yen Lu made the last post
    Yes go to for instruction to add additional user. Log into your account, then navigate to the top right hand corner. Click on the practice name and practice users will come up. On this screen on the right top will have +Add. Click on that icon to add a additional user to the practice…
    Brent Harris
    Brent Harris made the first post
    Sitting in airport so I figured I'd share...Here is a really cool (I think so!) case I just started last week. Patient was wearing rpd to replace 7-10 as well as max posteriors.  We prepped 5,6, 11,12,13 and planscanned full upper preop and prepped arch, lower, and buccal bite. Sent stl files via ddx (digital…
    Brent Harris
    Brent Harris made the last post
    Exactly!  Thats the plan...but it will be awesome if it just clicks in. Hope for best plan for worst!
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