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  • Michael Martin
    Michael Martin made the first post
    It's been almost 2 hours.  Someone tell me the scoop already!,c2220105
    Mike Kelliher
    Mike Kelliher made the last post
    To find out what your upgrade price will be go to this link: The field asking for JDE number is your Schein customer number.  They will give you your cost based on how long you've had your system.  They are bundling 5 years of total care in with the new scanner so that's part…
    KirK made the first post
    Hi folks, Today we're trying to be conservative with our preps. But with PlanScan sometimes it's very difficult to evaluate the margins. Did anyone have the same problems? Here's my last sample. Here is the teeth I've tried to scan. Minimal ivasive prep. This scan from PlanScan. I've tried several times. With the same result.…
    Alex Touchstone
    Alex Touchstone made the last post
    Watch for a big announcement next week at IDS ;-)
    chrisbutler made the first post
    I've been having this issue for awhile now. It seems like fairly regularly when there is a tooth that needs restoration that doesn't have a tooth on each side of it (ie - #2, 15, 18, 31), the bite does not come together accurately. Often times, it seems like it tries to collapse the prepared…
    mennito made the last post
    One thing I would suggest is to pay close attention to where you are beginning each scan.  You can really help the software if you begin each arch scan from the straight occlusal/incisal and the bite scan on the tooth you're working on.  For instance for a crown on #11 I would.   1.  Prep…
    CadCam4Life made the first post
    We are having a difficult time scanning any surface that is metallic, i.e. adjacent teeth with gold restorations, or an old alloy BU on the prepped tooth.   Can anyone suggest a way to 'dull' the reflective nature of gold or amalgam?   We have found a spray in the Schein catalog, yet it is…
    Mike Kelliher
    Mike Kelliher made the last post
    That's a good tip as well.  I'll routinely air abrade abutments or the aluminum analogs I get for custom milled abutments (scan body workflow).  Take the shine off metal and it scans just fine.
    pstuckey made the first post
    Does anyone know if any work is being done behind the scenes to allow Invisalign to use our scans to fabricate aligners?
    bistromdreview made the last post
    “To test the bacteria-fighting tooth in a lab environment, the researchers coated the material with human saliva and exposed it to the bacterium that causes tooth decay,” wrote Dominic Basulto of the Washington Post, Mark Walker dentist. “The anti-bacterial tooth killed more than 99% of all bacteria and showed no signs of being harmful to…
    Alex Touchstone
    Alex Touchstone made the first post
    Responsive Player Here's another great video by Dr. Wally Renne showing us all just how easy and predictable full arch scanning can be with PlanScan. In just a little over four minutes, Wally explains exactly what he does to achieve success with full-arch digital scans. Thanks, Wally, for sharing!         Enjoy!  …
    Christopher Ching
    Christopher Ching made the last post
    Thanks for the replies.  Much appreciated!
    Moderndentalsmiles made the first post
    Hello,                  I would like to scan my Waxup as a Preo-op Scan so that I can use it as a Guide for my Final Restorations. However, I am having ALOT of difficulty scanning the wax I am getting up from the Lab.                 Is there a way to Scan the Wax ups directly…
    Moderndentalsmiles made the last post
    Following up on this. I did buy a can of IPS contrast spray. Sprayed a light coat on the wax up and it scanned very well with all the anatomy and details I was looking for and it scanned just as quickly as a stone model. So if any other newer members have ever wondered…
    Damon Jenkins made the first post
    What are your thoughts about the camera for intra oral scanning? I have found that the stand off makes it difficult to maneuver in the mouth on many patients. Although I realize that it's needed. I would like to see the camera improved...becoming more streamlined with a larger field. What do you all think?
    michalandrewjohn made the last post
    X-raytechnology is one thing that has undergone radical change in dentistry over the years. X-rays are a primary tool in theidentification and treatment of cavities, impacted wisdom teeth and avariety of other dental health treatments, Mark Walker dentist.
    Mike Kelliher
    Mike Kelliher made the first post
    Not sure if everyone has heard but accent has been discontinued.  Personally I may use it a couple times a year for a real shiny adjacent gold crown.  So my supply of accent should last a bit, but here's a video of another option:      
    scanchick made the first post
    What can cause a scanning tip to go bad?
    Mike Kelliher
    Mike Kelliher made the last post
    Yep, we had them in for validation and had to send them back to be checked, the assistants hated to see them go!  So nice not to have to do the cold sterile routine.
    Michael Flores
    Michael Flores made the first post
    Okay so we had the update done. And...I'm sure I'm not the only person thinking it..but is there a way to change the sound when scanning?  
    scanchick made the last post
    I love the sound! So soothing
    Alan Swett made the first post
    With the new Romexis software we have the ability to convert scans into STL format. Has anyone tried to send them to Invisalign?    
    Brent Harris
    Brent Harris made the last post
    ....yes ditto on a video from Wally!
    Yen Lu
    Yen Lu made the first post
    How would you control bleeding or oozing for scanning. I've seen lasering the tissue, packing cord, but still there are times when it's sub g and still oozing regardless of technique. The only thing that seems to work in combination is superoxyl (hydrogen peroxide 35% @ 4 bucks a bottle). Because when you use it…
    Peter Fabian Eriksen
    Peter Fabian Eriksen made the last post
    Mennito, beautiful work, it will be nice to follow and see for how long time it will be functioning.   Peter
    Brittney Gilmore
    Brittney Gilmore made the first post
    Hello all!      I would like to start incorporating our implant crowns into our office. Working on going to a course within the next two months but is there any videos help get the ball rolling? TIA!
    Mark Carl
    Mark Carl made the last post
    I do all my implant crown with the Plan Scan. You can do what the lab does, but you need to have some one who does not mind doing lab work. I will attach picture of a recent screw retained crown that I did. You have to tell the system that it is a veneer…
    Chanelle made the first post
    Charles Regalado
    Charles Regalado made the last post
    Mike, you'd be right on that. I had not done any anterior scanning yet with NEVO yet and come to think of it, there would not be that automatic lip retraction with the new wand. Good point. Any anteriors I've done thus far have been impressed so a model can be made for cosmetic cases,…
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