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  • Michael Zichterman made the first post
    I have 2 cases , 3 unit cantilever bridges.  The E4D system "errors out" at the mill stage.  Any Help out there?
    Michael Zichterman made the last post
    Thanks Mike, I reset the case and with this modification am milling now.  
    Michael Martin
    Michael Martin made the first post
    My assistant has been working through the fee based CCD certification process, but hasn't received feedback on her progress-  It's been over 3 weeks.  Who can I contact for help?   Thanks,   Michael    
    Yen Lu
    Yen Lu made the last post
    Lisa Dastice made the first post
    Does anyone have any advice about completing the CDD program? I started the CDD program months ago and have been having trouble finding the motivation to continue doing the program requirements at a steady pace. I have completed all of my workbook exercises and received confirmation that I can move on to the following steps…
    Brittney Gilmore
    Brittney Gilmore made the last post
    ohhh, Alex, thats awesome! Thanks Mike and Yen. Lisa, let me know if you find anything about training at other offices as that would be something I would be intersted in as well! Thanks all!
    TracyMarkus made the first post
    I have been trying to complete the exercises and found out that I am missing some of the exercises. I have repeatedly emailed and called a few times to Amy and no response. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do??? Thank you Tracy
    Alex Touchstone
    Alex Touchstone made the last post
    Yes, call Angie Heick at E4D at 214.432.6412.  She will be happy to help you.
    Yen Lu
    Yen Lu made the first post
    Dental assistants are now more utilized than ever. Their role has change dramatically beyond assisting and breaking down rooms. CDD's are quite valuable and now play a role in production. Who would of thought 20 years ago you would be creating beautiful smiles. Bravo to all the talented dental designers out there! The 100 best…
    Pineiro Family made the first post
    Why is it so hard for doctors to give up some control to assistants? We sit right by your side every day, in fact we are your right hand. When will doctors be able to think more highly of their assistant or even treat them with a little more respect. Whatever happened to Bonnie and…
    Brent Harris, DMD made the last post
    This can be a tricky situation because 1) dr might not realize you feel this way, 2) dr doesn't care how you feel, 3) dr doesn't want you to feel bad but has trouble relinquishing responsibilities for a number of possible reasons (they have fun using their toy themself, they don't have confidence in your…
    Ada VanDyken made the first post
    What are the benefits of being CDD certified?
    Meredith Spink1386015932 made the last post
    I agree with Terry, and isn't a long strenuous process to be certified. I received my certification a few years back. I like to allow patients to watch me design sometimes and they usually ask several questions, like "where did you learn to do this and how long did it take you to figure it…
    Ada VanDyken made the first post
    How come when the Dr. scanned he'd have two assistants but now that we scan we are expected to do it on our own?
    Meredith Spink1386015932 made the last post
    Apparently, I haven't seen or used it yet, but the NEVO scanner will fix the difficulties you face when doing it by yourself. It scans more efficiently and has fans inside that keep the lens from fogging and its easier to eliminate bad data. This doesn't help you if you are not planning to purchase…
    Deb Kaser made the first post
    I was very impressed with how smooth and well trained everyone and CAD CAM Camp was amazing. We learned so much in that short time it was unreal. Everyone was extremely friendly and Marci took her time to answer my questions which seemed to be more than one or two. Thank you to the wonder…
    made the first post
    Congratulations to Maureen Bell of Pittsburgh on becoming the 200th CDD in North America and 2nd CDD in Pennsylvania. Maureen joins an elite group of motivated dental auxiliaries who have gained professional recognition and established credibility in the operation of dental CAD CAM technology. The self-paced CDD course builds knowledge and skills to take the…
    Amy Weaver Reynolds made the first post
    If you have not previously signed up for the CDD program please do so. It is a great program that shows that you are proficient with the E4D Dentist System.
    Casey made the last post
    Hi Amy, On the written final, how do we know what the exam will cover? Will there be a study guide or just something stating the basics of the exam? Thanks, hope this is not a dunb question. I just got started with the CDD program.
    made the first post
    I have referred back to the workbook exercises several times for questions on things I should remember.
    Mike Moroni made the last post
    You can always post a question on here if you are stuck...
    Heidi Hatcher made the first post
    Working on my CDD.System is easy to navigate and patients are glad they do not have to return for second appointment.
    Mike Moroni made the last post
    Heidi- Sounds like you are on the right track-patients are going to continue to be as excited as you are about your offices new technology. It truly is a game changer.
    Carina made the first post
    If you want quicker results then 3-6 months to become a designer, try heading to Texas and attending some of their more advanced classes for ex: Focus on Veneers, or Cad Camp, this completes a majority of your training needed towards your certification. Check out more in the class section!
    Christina Lyon made the last post
    Does this help? I am trying to complete the designer packet...arg!
    Mykael Cover made the first post
    I registered for the CDD program when I attended in November of last year. I made two posts, but then the forums switched, I called to inquire where to go next and have yet to here back. In that time I've done close to 200 restorations, including full anterior arches and bite correction. I feel…
    Jeremy Hiser1386015931 made the last post
    Hi Mykael, I am Jeremy Hiser, one of the clinical educators at the E4D University. I would be glad to work with you on finishing your CDD certification. Please feel free to write me at or call (214) 432-6430. Cheers, Jeremy
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