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  • Jean Fraser
    Jean Fraser made the first post
    E4D just launched a new resources page filled with educational resources and marketing materials free to use!
    Andrew Green made the first post
    Can E4D help us out with the production of some, or at least one short marketing video that we can put on our webpages? Use the new Nevo camera, do a quick quadrant scan on someone, show the 3d model on the computer, the proposal in action, the mill, and a finished posterior crown.
    Alex Touchstone
    Alex Touchstone made the last post
    Thank you, Jean!!!  
    Alex Touchstone
    Alex Touchstone made the first post
    Anyone else doing TV advertising?  I am about to start and here's the first ad I am running.  Please critique and share your suggestions / comments....thanks!   Alex   [attachment=702:becky.jpg]
    Mike Kelliher
    Mike Kelliher made the last post
    Aha, cheating! :)  :)
    Michael Flores
    Michael Flores made the first post
    I just discovered this online...if you go into and log in. Go under "Resources," and you will be directed to a page with multiple marketing tools: tri-fold brochures, 30 second video, logos, promotional material, etc. Hope this helps everyone! I've posted one of the things I was able to download from them.
    Michael Martin
    Michael Martin made the first post
    Does anyone have any suggestions for finding/training a dental assistant to become rockstar CCD jedi-masters?  I currently have a great assistant leaving on maternity and recently had to let another great assistant go for other reasons.  I'm currently with two new assistants who haven't had the E4D training in Texas until my other assistant returns…
    Brittney Gilmore
    Brittney Gilmore made the last post
    I second the chairside chats. If I every have any questions, needs a refresher, or want to see what "new" material I can learn, I always turn to the chairside chats. They are great because you can stop them and work alongside the chats if needed. I am the main assistant doing the E4D and…
    Alex Touchstone
    Alex Touchstone made the first post
    Starting Monday, May 5th, the following video will air on the Discovery Channel, CNN Airport and Fox Business in select markets.  Other bookings to follow.  It is imperative if your office is not already listed in the Dentist Finder, that you log into the ECO members section of the website and enter your practice…
    Mike Kelliher
    Mike Kelliher made the last post
    Very cool Alex, just what many have been asking for. Any chance this might be made available to owners to customize for their practice? Excellent to see Planmeca/E4D doing some promotion direct to consumers.
    Cliff Leachman made the first post
    Here are my new SHAW TV ads. In Canada, SHAW territory, you can buy these spots for ~$1000,00 month and they run 232 times a week on 32 channels including Speed, NatGEo, DISC, Food, TLC, CNN, FOX, MSNBC,etc. ALso no other dentists can buy a spot after you lock it up.     Interstitial…
    Cliff Leachman made the last post
    Thanx, embed code? I'm a bit if a piker! Cliff
    Rich made the first post
    I'm a new e4d user and recently submitted to Metlife for DOL onlay on tooth #14. Just got EOB back and alternate benefit was given for amalgam restoration. Needless to say that leaves a significant out of pocket expense for the patient.
    Amanda Snead made the last post
    We write a narrative, send a current x-ray, and an intraoral photo that seems to work.
    Alex Touchstone
    Alex Touchstone made the first post
    Dr. Cliff Leachman on a local TV segment describes the benefits of single-visit E4D restorations. Cliff, hope you do not mind the share, but this is too cool to let pass by:
    Diella made the first post
    I would like to hear more about presenting E4D to patients. What are the typical responses when presenting this precious technology to your patients?
    Sparkie made the last post
    Your right we don't give them an option either, however it's an uphill road since we were cerec users for 7 years. Most of the pt are indifferent, but working towards the no gold can be challenging at times. We recently hired a CDA who was completely opposed to CadCam; for what she saw out…
    Diella made the first post
    Learning to provide quality dentistry with E4D technology can be very rewarding. Many dentists assume that gaining 
treatment acceptance with E4D is difficult. As a dentist, what difficulties have you encountered when presenting E4D restorations?
    Mike Moroni made the last post
    There really is no downside about the system. Your work, performed same-day, speaks volumes to the patient. You are automatically the best dentist they have ever had! Yes, I hear this line often. Patients are impressed with the technology that the office has, they appreciate the investment to better the patient experience, and will gladly…
    Gary Severance1386015931 made the first post
    I remember 20 years ago trying to battle the insurance/ADA coding description for indirect restorations and trying to get them to properly recognize products like Concept (isosit inlay/onlay). But starting in 2013, they (ADA) have expanded the description of ceramic to include other materials "predominately" ceramic - here's the new description that will be used:…
    Alex Touchstone
    Alex Touchstone made the last post
    Bump. My understanding is that the changes WILL allow us to code Lava Ultimate D2740 (US) - if so, this is GREAT news!
    OakBrookSmiles made the first post
    Over the past couple of months, we have been doing a lot of work on our social media campaign, including our Facebook page at ; our Twitter page @oakbrooksmiles ; our LinkedIn page (Umar Haque) ;and just recently Pinterest. what all is working/not working for you?
    Alex Touchstone
    Alex Touchstone made the last post
    Hi Umar, I think one of the best ways to make this work is to devote time to it, either by you or by a team member. Someone needs to feed the "post engine" almost every day. I just posted on your wall, BTW! Alex
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