After milling a crown your always left with the waste. Is there any thing you can do with the waste from the crown, like recycling?

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    Mike Kelliher
    Mike Kelliher

    So far nothing I’m aware of. We’ve saved ours hoping that there will be a way to recycle them, but so far no.


    Amy Belloli

    We’ve wondered this too. We started keeping them just to show how many crowns we’ve done, but the stubs are compiling and look tacky. I’d love to have something to do with them; like for every 15 stumps you turn in get a free block. Keep us posted is anyone hears of anything.


    Dawn Wiedow

    love that idea :).



    Save them. Put them in a nice glass vase in a prominent area in reception area. Do not label or explain anything. Patients curiosity will prompt inquiries, which is an organic way to increase awareness of CAD CAM. Consider a raffle or drawing for visitor/patient who guesses how many used blocks there are. Closest wins; post on Facebook, website, etc., which will further increase awareness of CAD CAM in your practice, as well as demonstrate the success, ie., how many you’ve completed.



    We recycle the scrap Zirconia containing material in all forms as long as it has the element ZrO2 ( Zirconium Oxide ) like zirconia crumble powder (you cut and mill the discs and blocks).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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