Emax. For Maryland Bridge.

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    So I prepped a maryland bridge to replace #11 on a 87 year old woman with significant lingual wear on her anteriors 8,9, and 10.  My thought was to restore the lost anatomy of lingual’s of 9 and 10 with E.max since I didn’t want to grind down the rest of the facials and leave her with two little needles or a bridge support. So my traditional style prep for a maryland bridge will have wings on #9,10, and 12.  I get a call from the lab stating that they can not make a maryland bridge with E.max and I would have to change over to resin (with fiber reinforcement) or metal. With the tooth already pretty thin I am sure a metal wing will show through. So my questions 1) are you all having long term bonding success with Emax on maryland bridges. 2) anyone having success with any opaque cements if I opt to just go with the metal design.

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