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    Dr. Damon Jenkins

    Anyone purchase the ProMax Mid? If so what was the average cost? Also, anyone have the ProFace feature how do you like it and what is the additional cost?

    Alex Touchstone
    Alex Touchstone

    Hi Damon!

    I just installed a ProMax Mid in  my office with ProFace.  It’s a great instrument!  The ProFace is necessary if you plan to add 4D jaw tracking when it is available, which I do.   It has so many different imaging functions that I find that I use it on almost every patient for one reason or another.


    Dr. Damon Jenkins

    Yes, I do planning on  using 4D. Actually, I did close on the ProMax Mid just try to find out what the cost is for proface. I use the CADIAX now. But, I think Jaw Motion 4D will be easier


    Yashesh Sheth

    hi All. what does promax mid allow you that promax plus does not. I understand the field of view is smaller on the plus.

    The plus model – allows for scans of airway, maxilla, mandible and tmj. Which is all we need for mid model unless you are doing orthodontics and need a lat ceph

    Please advise if I am wrong in the conclusion of the plus model. Any other reason why the mid is a better model than the promax plus.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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