Advanced Planmeca FIT Integration: Digital Smile Design, Veneers & Full Mouth Rehabilitation


This course teaches advanced integration techniques to leverage the Planmeca FIT CAD/CAM system and Romexis Smile Design software. You will learn a unique approach that results in a completely digital workflow for smile design, treatment plan presentations, full arch scans, digital wax-ups, veneers, implants, and even full mouth rehabilitations!

Course size is limited – see requirements and prerequisites below.

Gain Higher Case Acceptance with Digital Smile Design and Use Digital Smile Design as a Template for CAD/CAM Restorations

Imagine showing your patient the treatment result digitally, gaining acceptance on the spot, and then using the digital smile design you presented as the template for the restorations! That’s exactly what you will learn during the first segment of this course! This, like most modules of the course, will be taught through hands-on exercises. Please take note of the required items to bring below.

Learn Rapid Intraoral Full Arch Scanning

Efficient, accurate full arch scanning is finally here! There’s a catch, though. You must scan in a specific way to maximize accuracy and efficiency. This module will teach these techniques through a live demonstration. Also, you’ll learn how to scan the buccal bite at a new vertical dimension.

Create a Functional Digital Wax-Up and Prepare it for 3D Printing

What if we could take upper and lower pre-operative full arch scans, a bite registration at the desired VDO and then virtually wax-up the desired occlusion for the case without using a lab or a physical model? During this course, you will learn to do that and more! Using your digital “wax-up” you will also learn how to fabricate temps or use the digital wax-up as a template for the final restorations after the tooth preparations are scanned into the software. The digital complex restorative workflow has arrived!

Design Implant Restorations

You’ve probably already started thinking about placing dental implants – some of you may have even experimented with different techniques. During this Q&A, we’ll answer any lingering questions about implant restorations, and you’ll discover new techniques for designing an implant crown.

Design Anterior Veneers and Crowns

Next, you will expand beyond digital smile design to apply these as templates for the creation of veneers and crowns with amazing precision. Along the way, you will learn design secrets that will streamline every CAD/CAM restorative solution you create, from the simplest single tooth to the most complex rehabilitation.

Learn How to Control Form, Texture Translucency and Color

Creation of a beautiful result begins with understanding what to look for. This course will give you the eyes of an artist. You will then learn how to translate your vision into a harmonious reality through innovative techniques for creating surface texture, controlling translucency and color gradient of teeth. Along the way, you will also discover new bonding protocols, materials selection and other topics relevant to the goal of achieving the highest degree of esthetics and longevity possible for our patients.


All participants should be proficient in designing single posterior crowns and onlays. Dentists who participate should have experience with successfully completing partial and / or full mouth rehabilitations. Due to the advanced nature of this course, dentists are strongly encouraged to attend along with at least one assistant. If you are struggling with becoming proficient with the Planmeca FIT system, please consider taking our intermediate course before attending this one.


This course is taught in a small group, hands-on setting. We ask that you bring your own equipment and software to use during the course. Please note that we cannot provide loaner laptops, scanners, etc., and failure to bring the list of items below will diminish your learning experience. Our course refund policy does not include refunds for failure to bring these items.

1. PlanScan Scanner
2. PlanCAD Laptop with Current Version of PlanCAD Software v 5.8 installed
3. Most Current Version of Romexis Software installed (Call E4D SOS for assistance)
4. Download and install a free trial of Romexis Smile Design Software
5. MeshMixer Software installed
6. Autoclaved Scanner Tips – large and portrait

This course is now full. Please contact us to be put on the waiting list.