Intermediate Planmeca FIT Hands-On Course


In just two days, our team of experts will help you and your team maximize your production, improve your techniques, and significantly enhance your level of patient care — all while streamlining your practice’s efficiency, and bringing more patients through the door.

We believe that in order to master something new, you need to get hands-on and really immerse yourself in it.

You’re not going to spend two days sitting in a classroom listening to lectures — you’re going to spend every minute actively learning how to take your practice to the next level …

Dr. Alex Touchstone and his team will work with you every step of the way, guiding you through how to produce a single e.max restoration in as little as 88 minutes.

During hands-on segments, you will learn the skills required to successfully handle multiple posterior restorations. There will be plenty of allotted Q&A time, too. Check out the agenda for more information: 2016-Planmeca-FIT-Hands-On-Training-Agenda

You will need to bring your PlanScan scanner, laptop with the most current version of PlanCAD software, your loupes and a desire to attain a new level of excellence with CAD/CAM in your practice.

Bring your team members too, and work together to build a smarter, more efficient practice that your patients will love.

If you want to develop the finely-tuned thought processes and skills required to seamlessly apply the Planmeca CAD/CAM restorative method, this is the hands-on course for you.

Here’s what you and your team can expect from this interactive two-day course …

Patient Care

  • Learn the keys to creating beautiful, long-lasting single e.max restorations in as little as 88 minutes, saving you and your patients time and money
  • Manage patient expectations carefully in order to perpetuate the referral cycle
  • Understand the importance of gaining treatment plan acceptance for high-value treatment plans

Clinical Excellence

  • Maximize your production with highly-efficient multiple restoration workflows
  • Adopt a logical, materials-driven approach to prep design
  • Simplify your strategies for developing natural esthetics
  • Speed up your scanning techniques while keeping them predictable
  • Demystify isolation and bonding protocols
  • Determine when, where and how to utilize Planmeca CAD/CAM for implant-supported restorations
  • Study bridge designs and limitations
  • Leverage digital impressions for more precise, streamlined lab-fabricated restorations

Improving Workflow

  • Master a scheduling system designed specifically for the single visit CAD/CAM method
  • Embrace a team approach by learning when and what to delegate
This course is now full. Please contact us to be put on the waiting list.