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Use five overpasses to scan quickly, easily and accurately with Planmeca Emerald scan pattern shared by Dr. Walter Renne.


Planmeca Emerald Full-Arch Scan Pattern

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    Wally,  we recently upgraded to the 6.0 software and when scanning a full-arch in the pattern outlined and then generating the proposal, the anterior gingival tissue is attached to ghost data/tissue covering the facial area.    It doesn’t show up on the ICE view or in the scan view, it’s not until we generate in the model view that it shows up.  This is problem because we’re trying to integrate Romexis implant planning software and the extra data in front is preventing the proper stitching.  I’ll take a screenshot here soon and send it you’re way.   We tried both full-arch and segmented full-arch and it keeps happening.  Any advice?


    Wally RenneWally Renne

    Bill would have to see the shot. We have romexis  6 and this is working for us.

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Walter Renne

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February 22, 2019
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March 14, 2019
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About The Presenter

Dr. Walter Renne graduated from the College of Charleston in 2003 and went on to graduate from the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) College of Dental Medicine in 2008. He is an Associate Professor and the Assistant Dean of Innovation and Digital Dentistry at the MUSC College of Dental Medicine and is active in undergraduate dental education – holding a full-time faculty position in the Department of Oral Rehabilitation at MUSC.

Dr. Renne is the director for CAD/CAM technologies and runs the CAD/CAM and Aesthetic clinic at MUSC. He has been instrumental in integrating E4D Compare computerized assessment software into the curriculum, where it’s a critical component in Dental Morphology and Fixed Prosthodontic I, II, and II.

A leader in the field of digital dentistry, Dr. Renne maintains an active general dentistry practice that utilizes both the CEREC Omnicam and E4D Planscan systems. His special interests in patient treatment include advances in CAD/CAM dentistry, adhesive dentistry, and conservative dentistry.

He is active in dental research and currently has a patent for a new dental adhesive that is permanently antimicrobial, in addition to having revolutionary bond durability components that prevent enzyme degradation of the hybrid layer – which may prevent recurrent caries and bond breakdown in the long term.


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