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Bookmark Real-World Crown Design Pt. 3 – Perfecting Crown Form

In the last video of the “Real-World Crown Design” Angela Severance demonstrates the logical sequence of tools to use to arrive at the perfect crown form.


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Angela Severance

Submitted on
July 12, 2015
Last updated
March 14, 2019
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About The Presenter

Angela (Guanzini) Severance, RDA, CDD is a national speaker, educator and author with more than 20 years’ clinical experience specializing in digital dentistry and CAD CAM technology along with its utilization and integration into the modern dental practice.

Ms. Severance was instrumental in forming a certification program for auxiliaries and technicians, the CDD, Certified in Digital Dentistry program, which provides a recognized advanced competency in the digital space.

Ms. Severance is also leading the profession through the promotion of NINJA™ Dentistry – “No, I’m Not Just any Assistant”, expanding the utilization of the digital dental team through delegation and advanced education.


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