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Extend your digital dentistry integration by leveraging the Digital Dental Exchange (DDX) to organize all of your lab cases, streamline workflows and improve communication with ANY lab you choose to use.

The service is free to dentists!  Get started now with DDX by scheduling a demo!


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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Dr. Bill Busch and I’m excited to talk to you today about one of the most important things happening in dentistry. It’s one of the most valuable components of any modern-day digital dental office or any dental office for that matter and the best news is that it's easy, it's free, and can be set up in less than 5 minutes. It's called a Digital Dental Exchange or DDX for short.

It's a web-based service that offers you a faster and more efficient way to exchange a manage your casework with your dental labs. It's also based on the cloud so it makes a lap prescription process paperless and to be able to store your cases virtually. Get rid of those old paper prescription pads and those old boxes and files - never lose a case and reclaim that office space.

It's got a proven track record I've been using it now for eight to nine years. Every year the DDX team comes up with new features and benefits that will improve your efficiencies in your practice and the best part of it is it can be used with any existing software system. Use it on any computer that has internet access.

The thing that I love about it is you'll never have a patient show up for their case and it's not at your office. Save yourself the embarrassment for the staff, your office I know it's not - I’ve not been only one in the dental world to have a patient show up and the case hasn't arrived yet. With DDX everything is tracked from the minute it leaves your office to the minute it comes back. You have a direct pipeline to all the technicians building the case. Last minute changes as you think of anything else that you want to add the case or change all you need to do is get to a computer, log in, put your password in, click on the case, and then update your notes. Instantly on your mobile device will get a notification that your case has been updated and when the case will be coming back. So you have 24-hour access to communicate with your laboratory. Anytime you have anything that you may think that you need to change you can use the internet, email. It's also like having your banking on - like you do internet banking - so you can check your invoices, you can pay your bills, you can see delivery statuses, and you can do everything as you think of it in real time.

The casework can be tracked whether you have a last American traditional Impressions, PBS polyether impregum, you’re taking digital Impressions and sending that to the laboratory everything in one file cabinet including photos, x-rays, all those things that can be put in a box can be put in this encrypted file that is sent to the laboratory. You can set up any lab including your own office lab and what I mean by that is everything is treated the same in our office whether you need a night guard, an athletic mouthguard, or an occlusal device ... that we're going to do in the office and we're not going to send it to an outside lab it can be entered in as our own lab at the office so it can be tracked similarly.

It's also encrypted storage for all your prescriptions are all safe and you have instant access to it. Different states have different laws on how long you have to keep your prescription the typical time is three years but this is saved indefinitely for you so no more boxes full of RX pads in the closet take them out get them shredded and get rid of them.

And as I said earlier the easiest part is you can set it up in 5 minutes and I'm going to do a quick demonstration for you. It's free for you and any lab you use. You can start right after you see this presentation - go paperless - even if you're not completely paperless this will get you into that realm of feeling how it feels as far as the efficiencies, and how it helps your practice, and helps you do better.

And if you can think of it you can think of it as DDX of your kind of your FedEx or UPS logistics company for dental lab work. It’s a dropbox for all your information in regards to your dental prescriptions. You will never experience anything so easy and make sure your difference is going to come to your office no matter how digital you are or non-digital. So if you can use a computer you can do DDX.

So let me give you a quick demonstration. Go to ddxdental.com.

So here's our quick demo. The website is ddxdental.com Go directly to there. It's brought to you by Henry Schein Dental. There's lots of information here if you’re a Dentrix user there's a deeper integration with your appointment book that allows you to arrive cases as they get to your front desk and the status can be updated in the chart right into the appointment book. So if you see a little green “L” in a box appointment you know that the case has arrived just visually without even clicking on it.

There's information for the lab to use is not on the system and how easy it is to set them up on the system again for free. There's information for your practice more features and benefits of the software. There is even a video tour here.

So let's go quickly to how to sign up your lab or your dental office. Go ahead and select “dental practice”. Click on “register”. It was that simple. So all you have to do from this point is to take a couple extra simple steps to add a lab. You can put any search for any laboratory and I suggest you do that first to see if your lab is there. You can add the Lab quickly from here. If you can't find your lab you can go ahead and add them here. I don't know if you have Bob but Bob’s got a lab.

Bob's Dental Lab is added and quickly let's put in our first case “Harry Smith” sent today. Have it delivered in January and the great thing about this too is you can … the laboratories post up their delivery times back too. So when the patient's in the chair you can schedule their next visit and be very accurate .., very accurate to when the patient's coming back. Quickly select the tooth, the shade and if you're a Dentrix user it'll automatically populate the patient's information into the prescription so you don't have to do that all over again. As you can see you can just add your preferences quickly here submit the case and a case has been received. You can print the case out on paper, believe it or not, and put it in the box ready for pickup and if you have digital impression-taking such a PlanScan or the 3shape scanner it can be directly sent from patient chair to the laboratory in the blink of an eye.

So get excited about this because it's going to make your life the best it can be in the dental office. It'll clear up lots of free time and your office will run so much more efficiently. Good luck and go get DDX.

Bill Busch

Submitted on
March 22, 2015
Last updated
March 14, 2019
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About The Presenter

Dr. Bill Busch is one of the earliest adopters and lead beta testers for the Digital Dental Exchange. He maintains an active, high tech practice in North Kansas City, MO. Dr. Busch attended St. John’s University in New York where he received a BS in Biology and Chemistry. He graduated as a Doctor of Dental Medicine, or DMD, from Fairleigh Dickinson University College of Dental Medicine in New Jersey in 1989. Since then, Dr. Busch has also earned the title of Master of the Academy of General Dentistry. He was awarded One of America’s Top Dentists in 2009 and 2010. Dr. Busch lectures nationally on the subject of High Tech Dentistry and The Paperless Dental Office.

Dr. Busch is the co-founder and creator of TeamSmile.org, a nonprofit dental organization providing underserved children with life-changing dental care.

Bill can be reached through his practice website at NKC Dental.


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