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Removing zirconia crowns can be tricky. Watch and learn a better system for efficiently removing them.


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Video Transcript

Two Striper® TSZ Tech diamonds advanced technology for advanced dentistry.

Two Striper® TSZ Tech diamonds are uniquely designed for efficient cutting and finishing of all ceramics including zirconia and lithium disilicate. The latest Two Striper® innovation features proprietary diamond grid combined with a modified PBS Breeze to quickly adjust and safely cut through the new generation of tougher ceramics.

You're watching the 770.8 Z diamond in action as it efficiently cuts through two crowns for removal. TSZ Tech diamonds provide faster and cooler cutting with less trauma and no sparking. Produced from extensive research and development for CAD/CAM milling diamonds these TSZ Tech diamonds help dentists make fine adjustments, atraumatically remove all ceramic restorations or gain endo access.

Some restorations are easier than others to remove depending on the cement used. Notice the dark staining along the gingival margin of the preparations after removal of crowns.

Proper tissue isolation is imperative when submitting all ceramic restorations in order to ensure a proper marginal seal and prevent marginal leakage which could result in failure of the restorations over time. Premier Dental’s Two Striper® TSZ Tech Diamond helps the dentist to remove all ceramic restorations efficiently and predictably while also providing an effective tool to create endodontic access through and adjust all ceramic restorations.

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Submitted on
December 26, 2013
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December 26, 2013
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