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    Contralateral Clone Feature PlanCAD 6.0

    Watch this short instructional video for the contralateral cloning tool in PlanCAD 6.0. Dr. Michael Kelliher shares his time-saving tips for scanning and design on an anterior example.

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    Planmeca PlanCAD 6.0 Preview

    Dr. Michael Kelliher gives us an advanced look at the new PlanCAD 6.0 software from Planmeca. Watch as Dr. Kelliher shares clinical applications for the new features including the HD Overlay, adding scan bodies, swapping upper and lower scans, and more!

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    Utilizing CBCT for Emergent Patients

    Watch how we turned a crown procedure into better patient care for an emergent patient. To allow us to diagnose a patient properly we charge a flat fee for a new patient consult – no matter what X-rays are needed. See how this process allowed us to uncover additional problems with the surrounding teeth and […]

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    Ordering Radiology Reports & Surgical Guides

    There are times when we all need a second opinion. Did you know you can order one directly through Romexis using third-party integrations? In this example, learn how to turn on and order a radiology report and surgical guide in minutes.

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    Navigating Slices

    3D imaging provides us with a wealth of information to aid in diagnosis. In this video, we show you the tools we use to aid in navigating the coronal, sagittal and axial slices to help you take a closer look at your images.

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    Romexis Digital Smile Design for 3D Printed Waxups

    Use Romexis Digital Smile Design and PlanCAD Easy to quickly generate 2D and 3D waxups for patient treatment. 3D print these for patient demonstration and to use for provisional fabrication.

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    Full Mouth Intra Oral Scanning with Emerald

    Watch as Dr. Alex Touchstone completes a full-arch scan using the new Planmeca Emerald Scanner. Discover new ways for scanning upper and lower arches, and capturing the bite registration quickly and accurately.

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    Ultra Low Dose Planmeca ProMax 3D

    Planmeca Ultra Low Dose is a real advantage to both the patient and clinician.  Alex Touchstone, DDS gives his take on why.

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    Full Face CBCT Volume Adjustment – Planmeca ProMax 3D

    The Planmeca ProMax Mid and Max CBCT units have the capability to stack volumes and adjust the vertical range captured.  This video explains how to manage these features.