Design / General Videos

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    Designing a Crown to Fit an RPD

    Learn how to use the clone feature in the PlanCAD Easy Software to fabricate a crown that fits to the contours of a clasp of an existing RPD.

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    2017 Design Tips

    Dr. Mike Kelliher takes you through a few essential design techniques using the newest version of PlanCAD Easy v5.85 for 2017.

  • 20:21 150 views (5/5)

    Advanced Design Tips and New Tools in PlanCAD Easy v5.8.5

    Dr Wally Renne walks you through several case examples including veneers, and two complex multiple posterior and anterior restorations with the new PlanCAD Easy version 5.8.5 software. Watch as he shows you how to align pre-op scans with your wax-ups, delete extraneous materials, and use fiduciary dots for more accuracy… plus more advanced tips for […]

  • 5:59 247 views

    When and How to Use a Pre-Op Scan to Clone a Tooth

    There are times when it makes sense to clone a tooth.  Replacing a crown that supports a partial, copying a waxup, etc.  This video by Angela Severance will show you how!

  • 7:50 391 views (5/5)

    Achieving Perfect FIT: Part II

    This follow up video addresses a clinical challenge when fitting restorations to full coverage crowns. Be sure to watch Achieving Perfect FIT: Part I as well!

  • 12:58 333 views (5/5)

    Achieving Perfect FIT : Part I

    Imagine knowing before you start that when you try in your CAD/CAM restorations they will fit perfectly every time! Learn three tips that will get you to that goal.

  • 6:28 101 views (4/5)

    Real-World Crown Design Pt. 2 – Intelligent Autogenesis

    Part two of “Real-World Crown Design” focuses on how to selectively turn off features of autogenesis to generate a good proposal.

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    Real-World Crown Design Pt. 3 – Perfecting Crown Form

    In the last video of the “Real-World Crown Design” Angela Severance demonstrates the logical sequence of tools to use to arrive at the perfect crown form.

  • 9:07 1642 views (5/5)

    Using Implant Scan Bodies for Custom Abutments

    Dr Mike Kelliher walks you through how to streamline your dental implant procedure using Planscan and DDX software. You’ll also learn how to work with a custom-milled abutment for an ideal restoration.