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  • 19:34 64 views (5/5)

    Romexis Digital Smile Design for 3D Printed Waxups

    Use Romexis Digital Smile Design and PlanCAD Easy to quickly generate 2D and 3D waxups for patient treatment. 3D print these for patient demonstration and to use for provisional fabrication.


    Advanced Course Teaser

    Watch this teaser for a sneak peek into our Advanced Hands-On course. We cover everything from digital wax-ups to 3D printing and more! Learn the latest in digital technology at the Advanced Hands-On course.

  • 2:31 441 views (3/5)

    How to create beautiful veneers using PlanCAD CADCAM

    Dr. Alex Touchstone shows you what’s possible with a veneer case using PlanCAD CADCAM. You won’t believe your eyes!

  • 13:26 144 views (5/5)

    How to make your dental hardware last

    Want your hardware to stand the test of time? Here are some friendly reminders and general housekeeping tips.

  • 1:58 152 views

    Getting to know Windows 8 in your dental practice

    Windows 8 has been a huge adjustment for many users. We’ll walk you through the different features, and explain how it can help your dental practice.

  • 13:26 143 views

    How to clean and sterilize your scanner

    PlanScan recently introduced a great new technique for cleaning sterilizing your scanner. Watch this instructional video to learn more.

  • 4:14 420 views

    How to back up your patient data

    It’s important to back up your patient data and store it securely. We’ll walk you through how to save a copy of your data to an external hard drive.

  • 9:26 792 views

    Improve infection control by sterilizing your NEVO scanner

    We’re outlining the proper infection control and handling procedures for the tips of the PlanScan (NEVO) scanner.

  • 14:18 207 views

    Getting to know the Compass software

    New to Compass? We’ll give you a complete overview of the features of PlanScan’s Compass software.