Preparation Videos

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    The Inlay, Onlay and Crownlay Preparation

    Dr. Wally Renne explains in detail why we are not doing enough inlay, onlay and crownlay preps, and how to use these prep options to create stronger more beautiful restorations.

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    Quick Tip: How to deliver onlays

    Join Dr Anthony Mennito and Dr Walter Renne as they demonstrate how to get the best fit for your onlays.

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    Veneers – Correcting the Prep Color

    Leveraging the prep color underneath a veneer is key to an esthetic result. This is problematic when the prep is very dark. In this vignette, Dr. Touchstone will teach his technique for regaining control of the prep color for a beautiful result.

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    Multiple Posteriors with PlanScan

    Learn great tips for conservative preparation design, workflow efficiency, isolation and bonding during this great case example by Dr. Alex Touchstone.

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    How to prepare an e.max crown

    You’ll see step-by-step instructions for preparing an e.max crown, as well as valuable tips on how to control the soft tissues for optimum margin finding and clinical results.

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    How to use Compare software within Romexis

    Compare software was originally developed for universities, so students could evaluate their preparations. We’ll show you how to use Compare within Romexis for optimal results.

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    The best methods for managing soft tissue

    Angela Guanzini will walk you through various methods for managing soft tissue. You’ll even learn how to make your margins “pop” off the design screen.

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    How to prepare geometry for easy scanning and seating

    Learn how to save time by preparing geometry for easy scanning and seating.

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    How to efficiently remove zirconia crowns

    Removing zirconia crowns can be tricky. Watch and learn a better system for efficiently removing them.