Scanning / HD Wand Videos

  • 4:06 189 views

    PlanCAD v5.6 Built-In Scan Lock Feature

    With PlanCAD Version 5.6 you never have to worry about overscanning again. Watch as Angela Severance demonstrates the new scan lock feature that allows you to see exactly where you need to re-scan before generating the model. Not only will this save you time but it results in much clearer margins.

  • 1:48 240 views

    How to scan a bite registration without dislodging it

    Learn how to scan a bite registration without dislodging it. Applicable to both HD wand scanning and Plan Scan

  • 2:18 282 views

    How to scan a buccal bite with the HD wand

    Learn the right way to scan a buccal bite using your HD wand.

  • 9:27 254 views

    How to properly use a buccal bite

    You might be surprised to know that many dentists use a buccal bite incorrectly. We’ll walk you through the proper techniques.

  • 8:46 354 views

    Bite registration tips and tricks

    Learn how to quickly create virtual articulating paper for occlusal harmony with just two scan sets.

  • 14:37 235 views

    Scanning, selecting scans, and deleting scans using your HD wand

    In this double feature on the HD wand, you’ll learn the basics of scanning, selecting scans, and deleting problematic scans without scanning over them.

  • 22:42 322 views

    Getting started with intraoral scanning using an HD Wand

    The first instructional video in the series, we explain how to get started with your HD wand.

  • 30:37 486 views

    Improve your intraoral scanning with an HD Wand

    The second instructional video in the series on the HD wand, we walk you through ways to improve your intraoral scanning technique.

  • 15:43 406 views

    How to scan multiple teeth in a diagnostic wax-up

    Watch and learn while Lee Culp demonstrates how to scan multiple teeth in a diagnostic wax-up for cloning in the software.