Scanning / Plan Scan Videos

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    Full Arch Scanning with Planmeca FIT PlanScan

    This video (no sound) highlights best practices for efficient, high accuracy full arch scans and for capturing quality buccal bite registrations.

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    Predictable Technique for Full Arch Scanning

    During our recent three day hands-on course at Medical University of South Carolina, Dr. Wally Renne demonstrated his technique for capturing full arch scans both for the preparation model and for the opposing / buccal bite.

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    Full Arch Scanning PlanCAD v5.6

    With the release of Planmeca PlanCAD v5.6, the workflow for full arch scans changes significantly. The scan lock in built in now, changes and additions to the scan are made without generating a model first and the overall result is faster and more accurate.  Watch this video to learn how to leverage the new full […]

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    Articulation of Full Arch Scans

    Watch Dr. Wally Renne reveal how to align upper and lower full arch scans.  He demonstrates the proper scan sequence and a novel method of verifying accuracy articulating paper.

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    Getting to know your Thunderbolt: connecting, disconnecting, and ejecting

    Learn the correct way to connect, disconnect, and eject the Thunderbolt and Firewire adapter.

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    The benefits of collaborating intraoral and impression scans

    Want to keep a case in-house? Learn how to collaborate intraoral and impression scans.

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    Are you “overscanning” your data?

    Too much data is not always a good thing! We’ll explain how it’s possible to “overscan” your data, and how to know if this is something you’ve done.

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    Thriving with your PlanScan scanner

    Learn how to use the Planscan scanner to its maximum potential chairside.

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    Introduction to scanning best practices

    An introduction to scanning best practices.