Workflow Efficiency Tips Videos

  • 18:25 44 views (5/5)

    Using Keynote to Gain Treatment Acceptance

    Use these techniques along with a digital camera, Apple Keynote and MacBook laptop to create a compelling vision for your patient as to the esthetic potential of dentistry in your practice.  As a bonus, here’s a dropbox link to the files mentioned in the video for your use!

  • 12:59 695 views (5/5)

    How to execute proposals quickly and easily

    A great proposal is key. In this training video, Dr. Mike Kelliher shares his techniques for using the software tools to execute proposals quickly and easily.

  • 17:12 3329 views (5/5)

    How to design e.max Bridges

    This training video will teach you how to design e.max bridges with either the new or the classic system (software version 4.6 or later).

  • 40:00 374 views

    Using your HD scanning wand more efficiently to save time

    Knowing how to properly use your HD scanning wand can shave precious minutes off an appointment. We’ll teach you how to improve your workflow and use your time more efficiently.

  • 9:31 303 views

    Learn time-saving tips for crystallization and glazing

    Looking to minimize your e.Max finishing time? We’re sharing tips to speed up crystallization and glazing.

  • 5:18 284 views (4/5)

    How to streamline your isolation techniques

    Want your dental practice to run more efficiently? Here’s how to streamline your isolation techniques.

  • 7:52 247 views

    Learn fast finishing and polishing techniques

    Save time and produce a high-quality product by learning these tips for finishing and polishing.

  • 10:31 233 views

    What you need to know about Rapid Onset Anesthesia

    Watch this training video to learn how using the Rapid Onset approach to anesthesia saves valuable time, while allowing you to stay with your patient.

  • 22:01 375 views

    Boost your productivity by working efficiently and consistently

    Time is money! Learn how to save time and work more efficiently by having a consistent workflow.